Joe Retta

Joe RettaPowerhouse front man Joe Retta hails originally from Rochester, New York and was raised on 70s R&B and rock, during an era when, as he describes it, “music had more soul and was more diverse.”

Joe’s primary strength as a vocalist lies in his amazing vocal range. In addition, he is gifted with an innate adaptability, and is able to switch gears with ease to sing in a wide variety of styles from blues to rock.

His influences include such luminaries as Stevie Wonder, Steve Marriott, Paul Rodgers, Robert Plant and Ronnie James Dio and, in fact, Joe has won accolades from both of the latter legendary rock and roll front men for his cover versions of their material.

Joe took a hiatus from the L.A. scene in the early 90s to spend time with his family, and he earned his keep doing behind-the-scenes work in commercials and movie soundtracks.

Eventually, however, his love of music lured him back into the spotlight. Above and beyond his ambitious touring schedules with local bands Queen Nation and Led Zepplica, he has, at various times, joined forces on stage or in the studio with members of Santana, Journey, Foreigner, Weather Report, Toto, Guns and Roses, ELP, The Cars, and Heart.

As the new voice of The Sweet, Joe’s singing imparts a passion and energy that pays tribute to the band’s history yet updates the sound for a twenty-first century audience.