As today’s podcast opens up, Adam plays some of his favorite ‘Sweet’ songs for Bryan and Gina to get excited for today’s guests. Adam then talks about his standup performance last night, and discusses the problems with ‘oppositional defiance disorder’ as it applies to Dr. Drew. Adam also presents categories for his ‘Yummy Test’, and chats with a caller about homelessness in Denver. Later, the guys discuss the staff’s results of the Yummy Test, and Adam talks about a strange call he took on his show with Dr. Drew about circumcision and abortion.

Steve Priest and Richie Onori Of ‘Sweet’ are in studio next, and Adam talks with them about their incredible discography, and other artists who have covered their songs. Adam also asks them about their musical influences, and what they think of popular music today. Later they talk about the excitement of touring internationally, filming music videos, and playing their toughest songs live.

Today’s news opens with the emotional video of Jon Stewart testifying about post-9/11 legislation. They also talk about the David Ortiz shooting, losses from the Universal Studios fire, and Nevada being the first state to say employers can’t refuse applicants for failing a marijuana drug test. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about a gender switching Snapchat filter that lead to an arrest.

The Adam Carolla Show – A Free Daily Comedy Podcast from Adam Carolla | Sweet’s Steve Priest and Richie Onori

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