LOS ANGELES, CA—November 3, 2021—British rock band Sweet rose to worldwide fame in the 1970s as a prominent glam rock act. The band achieved major success with 39 #1 singles around the globe including the iconic chart-topping hits: “Ballroom Blitz,” “Fox On The Run,” “Love Is Like Oxygen” and “Lilly Willy.” Steve Priest put his Sweet band together in 2008 and toured with them until his last performance before the pandemic on Valentine’s Day 2020. Steve was very proud of this line up, their genuine musical delivery of the original hits and the showmanship of their live performances. He encouraged them to continue even when he wasn’t able to join them any longer. As a tribute to Steve, his Sweet are releasing the “Wasted In Hollywood” single on November 12 with the song’s video on November 26 on the digital platform SoundCloud worldwide. “Wasted in Hollywood” is a well-crafted merger of retro and modern, new meets old. This follows the epic operatic piece, “System Of Slaves,” which took off like a bullet worldwide going viral after only a week with over 140,000 views. Sweet is drawing a new generation of young fans who are being exposed to their music with the use of two of their biggest hits, “Ballroom Blitz” and “Fox On The Run,” being featured in conjunction with two blockbuster movies, “Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2” and “Suicide Squad.” These movies’ producers saw Steve’s Sweet at LA gigs and were inspired to use the original 1974 recordings in the movies. Sweet wants to keep Steve’s legacy alive by continuing to introduce great music to younger audiences. Following Priest’s death the Priest Family Trust retained ownership of Sweet’s trademark and rights to the name. After much consideration and deliberation by all parties, the current band that Steve loved and cherished to deliver Sweet’s multilayered signature vocal harmonies is continuing on by presenting live performances of the iconic Sweet catalog per Steve’s vision and fine-tuned direction. All in his spirit and in honor of Priest and the band he co-founded in 1968 with vocalist Brian Connelly and drummer Mick Tucker, the current group is continuing Steve’s Sweet proudly into the 21 Century. There have been two new lineup shifts in the current band, Keyboardist and Priest’s dear friend Stevie Stewart has moved over to bass. Stevie’s dynamic frontman showmanship enhances a full frontal attack along with lead singer Paulie Z and guitar virtuoso Mitch Perry. Richie Onori continues to be the band’s power house drummer and Dave Schultz has joined as the new keyboard player. Media contact: Maureen O’Connor, Maureen O’Connor PR LLC, 818- 399-4774, moconnor.priest@yahoo.com

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